Monday, December 19, 2011


The Earth is ruled by FOUR GIANT CORPORATIONS!  The largest, VT&T keeps its people distracted by DEATH MATCHES between CONDEMNED PRISONERS. The CITIES of LOS ANGELAS and SAN FRANCISCO have been turned into a GIANT MEGA PRISON. Meanwhile, people are falling ill DUE TO  A MYSTERIOUS VIRUS and TURNING INTO ZOMBIES! Doctor Ann Ordinary must TRANSPORT a mysterious BABY to the YOOGLE CORPORATION OFFICES in New Seatle. Can this BABY be the KEY TO MANKIND'S SURVIVAL? And does YOOGLE have a SECRET AGENDA?!

(The other two corporations are Microflacid and Ben and Jerry's. No, I don't know how Ben and Jerry's got to be a megacorporation ruling the world either. I mean, they make nice ice cream, but I personally always thought it was a little... well, overrated. I mean, I like their politics, and I'm glad they're successful, it's just, well, not for me. Anyway, they're a megacorporation by the year 2000.)

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