Monday, August 15, 2011

Stock Market - 4

So, the current situation is:

Today my portfolio finally reached break even. That doesn't mean each investment finally did, CSX is a long way from doing that, but, perhaps surprisingly, my REIT investment did.

Oh but I cheated. When the market had appeared to bottom,  I doubled my investment in the latter. Hey, it pays a 15% dividend, it's worth it.

I have sold my General Mills stake, and also the gold ETF I bought. I may go back into the latter at a later date but I don't think the price is stable right now. I'm going to look for a different food company.

In the last couple of weeks I bought stock in a telco (Frontier) and an oil/gas company (Brietburn.) The latter has gone down in value, but the former I also bought when the market bottomed and has shot up as a result.

So... hopefully the portfolio will mostly grow from here on, and I can sit and wait for the dividends to roll in. :-)

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