Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If I can find a $100 Touchpad I'll get one, just to check out the form factor. I'm confident an open source OS will be ported to it in time, and in any case, $100 is almost throw away money.

As for the others:
  • iPad - Proprietary, locked down, no.
  • Honeycomb tablets - I'm not spending $400+ to be a beta tester.
  • Non-Honeycomb Android tablets - They all seem a little lacking, dontchathink? Plus they all run a version of Android really not suited to the environment.
  • PlayBook - Proprietary OS, no.
I keep being tempted to get something like the ViewSonic G-Tablet and stick the unofficial ports of Honeycomb to it. Then I come to my senses:
  • 1024x600 screen. Actually, in fairness, the rest of the hardware is very nice.
  • "Unofficial" port of Honeycomb is somewhat lacking, in large part because of the lack of source code to Honeycomb itself.
  • It probably sounds like I'm cheating and mentioning the first two points again, but Honeycomb 3.0 was designed for a 1280x800 screen. While 3.1+ relax that requirement, the UI hasn't changed that much, and it's still reasonable to think 1024x600 is too small.
We'll see. Supposedly Archos will be releasing a 10" Honeycomb tablet for $350 next month. That's a step in the right direction, but it's still a lot of money for something I don't want so much as professionally need to familiarize myself with. And yes, that's not me making excuses, because if I really wanted one, I'd have ordered something by now!

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