Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cable news


Probably the best of the big three, which is not saying much.


Makes me wonder why people watch Fox. I say this because I'm liberal, and MSNBC is supposed to be a "liberal" news station, but:
  • It's obvious it's "supposed to be" a liberal news station. ie its sincerity is exactly what you'd expect from an organization that exists to serve a market.
  • How insincere to it? When was the last time they refused to cover a Breitbart story without independent verification?
  • The only show I vaguely like is "Morning Joe". I'm sure the right hates it as much as liberals do, but it does occasionally pierce the echo chamber.
  • Ultimately either promotes establishment orthodoxy (Chris Matthews) or goes against it but in a way not likely to engender any support.
  • Never got to watch Rachel Maddow, she's supposed to be good.
Baffled as to why this one exists. Everyone likes an echo chamber once in a while, but everyone I know hates being lied to.


The voice of opposition.
  • Always opposes anything the government does but...
  • ...does so from an establishment point of view. You're not really going to see the standard part of Fox arguing for reining in foreclosures or dealing with unemployment (except in passing as a justification for more tax cuts, or deregulation, or whatever.)
  • What I saw was misleading and often downright false, when bringing in people to interview concerning a government policy, even during the news sections which, Fox supporters claim, are supposed to be the "objective" parts of the station.
  • Has Shepard Smith I guess, but I've only really seen his clashes with the station's orthodoxy, not how he reports normally.
Baffled the right takes it seriously, especially after seeing MSNBC and knowing it's supposed to be the liberal's equivalent. You guys like being lied to?

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