Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stop Romney/Pawhoweveryouspellit at any cost!

It's important to remember just how bad government was a few years ago, when it a Republican president was in control. Back then:
  • We had a government that had started two wars without good reason
  • We had a government that was frequently breaking the law, ignoring its own legal advise in many cases, all in the name of the military state.
  • We had a government that acted extra-judicially when dealing with those suspected of terrorism overseas.
  • We had a government that set up clearly unworkable schemes designed to suck taxpayers money out of government and into the hands of those responsible for many of America's problems.
  • We had a government that was fully OK, even blessing, the idea of having entirely unnecessary cuts to social programs because it didn't want to raise taxes to fund them, social programs whose cuts would hit those who could least afford it the most.
  • We had a government that was waging a war on whistleblowers, persecuting those who spoke up about abuses of government.
  • Had no clue what to do with the economy, ignoring the actual experts in favor of dealing with whatever the pundits in the media said was important, resulting in an economy that got steadily worse.
Those were terrible, terrible, days. Thankfully we elected Obama and that all ended. The end.

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