Saturday, May 21, 2011

On networking, IPv6, and stuff

Remember a few years ago when I wrote my thing on my new network, which involved Xen servers to implement IPv6 and a host of other features?

Well, I decided I'm redoing everything... because I can. I bought a fairly low cost wireless router, a D-Link DIR-815, which does most of the things, including implementing IPv6 over IPv4 (6to4), all by itself. All I had to do was configure it.

What am I not using it for yet? Well...
  • DNS - while it contains the usual DNS proxy, it doesn't do internal DNS or anything like that.
  • DHCP - the thing contains a DHCP server, but the number of static IP nodes is actually more limited than the amount of hardware I have, which is hard to believe, I know. Actually, it might do it, but I need to do more analysis.
The DNS thing is something I'm thinking about, with a view to maybe building a business around a potential long term solution. If I can do that, really, I can start to move away from the way I've been doing things. I'm thinking of moving my domain to Google Apps, which would take care of email, although there are a bunch of other options too, but for now I'll keep a server around because there are a lot of other things I want to experiment with.

There were a bunch of loose ends when I set up my network last time. Specifically I never implemented IPsec, and I wanted to get Kerberos going but, frankly, Ubuntu and the Linux world have never really figured out what they're doing there. What I'm thinking of doing is using ApacheDS, which is an integrated LDAP/Kerberos server.

Anyway, I'll post my experiences as I set things up...

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