Thursday, July 14, 2011

What not to cook on

We got a glass top stove as a house warming present. My wife has been wanting one for a while.

I assumed they were just as good/bad as a regular electric stove and didn't object. After all, it was going to be easier to clean, apparently, so what's not to love?

Actually it sucks. Things I hate about it:

1. It's picky about what kind of pots and pans you have
2. If you clean a pan, you have to be very careful to make sure it's dry before putting it on the "burner".
3. The temperature seems to be even less easy to control than a regular electric burner.
4. Despite the major selling point, the "easy to clean" surface, it's actually a pain to clean and there are already various permanent stains on it.

I think when I have the money I'll try to get a gas hook-up and get a proper gas cooker, like nature intended.

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